5 thoughts on “FAQ”

  1. Wyatt Jones says:

    Would the age group U14 include kids 13 and 14 or 12 and 13?

  2. sara_admin says:

    12 and 13. (U = under)

  3. MW says:

    In order to race in USSA from Sugar Mountain, does the racer need to be a member of SARA as well? Thank you.

  4. sara_admin says:

    Yes, that is correct. The only exception is a USSA racer who is a member of another region (eg PARA in Pennsylvania). However if you are from Sugar Mountain, you will need to be a member of SARA to race in USSA/SARA races.

  5. kathy hurdcarrillo says:

    Sara Team Families:
    We are planning to attend Nastar Nationals in Squaw Valley in March.
    I am offering to be a courtesy coach for that week if any families would like the extra help.
    Please spread the word!

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