Joining SARA

SARA Registration for the 2017-2018 season is now open!
Each member of a SARA host mountain is asked to register with SARA through our Youth League Site. Annual membership (early registration) is $35 per racer with a $70 maximum per family. Independent racers not affiliated with a SARA host mountain pay $50. Early registration ends on December 18, after that date rates increase by $10 per member.

Anyone not wishing to register or pay online can print the form and send it via postal mail to our treasurer, John Patrick, at:
Southern Alpine Racing Association
P.O. Box 6043
Kingsport, TN 37663

USSA racers that are not registered with SARA can manually register for races by contacting us at the address and phone number above.

8 thoughts on “Joining SARA”

  1. Ward Ricke says:

    I was wondering if I need to join SARA to do a couple of races this season. I am a Masters racer and have participated with you before. But only one or two races a year, and no Mt affiliation.


    Ward Ricke

  2. sara_admin says:

    Hello! No you do not need to join SARA, you just won’t be able to complete online race entries. If you enter more than a week in advance, contact our treasurer, John Patrick at or (423) 863-1890. If you register at the last minute, get in touch with the race secretary that will be listed on the race announcement form (those will be posted on our home page closer to the event). Fees are paid for all races during registration at the mountain on race day.

    Thanks – Betsy Layman, SARA Secretary

  3. will horton says:

    Question even new members pay the extra ten dollars? no one even had snow then.

  4. John Allen says:

    I would like to join SARA for my eight year old son but I don’t see where you join on the website. I would like for him to race in next Saturday’s race at Massanutten. Please help.


    John Allen

  5. sara_admin says:

    Please visit then you will see the link to our member registration page on Youth League (we also use that site for race registration).

  6. sara_admin says:

    Yes, the initial rate of $35 is the “early bird” rate (helps us build our email list for pre-season communications) and the $45 rate is the regular rate.

  7. I would like to register for the 2016-2017 season. Where do I go to register? Thank you.

  8. sara_admin says:

    Registration just went live on Nov 3. Link is on the SARA homepage.

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