Race Schedule 2016-17

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Please refer to the “SARA Points” page for additional information about earning points and “2015 SARA Championships” for information about Championship qualifying and race format.

Date Mountain Racers Event U14 + Below Start U16-21/M Start
12/26 NEW DATE Bryce All Classes (Scored) Slalom  1:00pm 3:00pm
1/7 Bryce All Classes (Scored) Slalom 9:00am 1:00pm
1/8 Massanutten Bryce All Classes (Scored) Giant Slalom 9:00am 1:00pm
Jan 14 – 16 = Martin Luther King Weekend
1/14 NEW DATE Sugar All Classes (Scored) Slalom 9:00am TBD
1/15 NEW DATE Sugar All Classes (Scored) Giant Slalom 9:00am TBD
1/21 CANCELLED Wintergreen U16-21 (Scored) Giant Slalom NA 9:00am
1/22 CANCELLED Wintergreen U16-21 (Scored) Slalom NA 9:00am
1/21 Snowshoe U8-14 Giant Slalom 9:15am NA
1/22 Snowshoe U8-14 Giant Slalom 9:15am NA
2/4 Snowshoe U16-21, M (Qualifier/Scored) Giant Slalom NA 9:00am
2/5 Snowshoe U16-21, M (Qualifier/Scored) Giant Slalom NA 9:00am
2/11 CANCELLED Wintergreen U10-14, M All Classes (Scored) Giant Slalom 9:00am TBD
2/12 CANCELLED Wintergreen U10-14, M All Classes (Scored) Slalom 9:00am TBD
2/5 NEW RACE Bryce U8-14 Giant Slalom 9:00am NA
2/11 NEW DATE Sugar All Classes (Qualifier/Scored) Slalom 9:00am TBD
2/12 NEW DATE Sugar All Classes (Qualifier/Scored) Giant Slalom 9:00am TBD
Feb 18 – 20 = Presidents’ Day Weekend
2/25 Massanutten U16-21, M Champs (Scored) Slalom NA 8:45am
2/26 Massanutten U16-21, M Champs (Scored) Giant Slalom NA 8:45am
3/4 Snowshoe Giant Slalom 9:00am NA
3/5 Snowshoe U10-14 Champs Giant Slalom 9:00am NA

M= Masters.  All Classes races include Masters and U8 racers unless noted.

The SARA schedule is tentatively set each Spring by the SARA Board, with input on availability from each of the SARA Mountain Representatives. The schedule is then finalized by the SARA board during the fall meeting, usually held the first weekend in November. Every effort is made to schedule races evenly in both our “northern” and “southern” regions, as well as for the younger and older racers on both separate and shared courses.

A “Scored” race means that U16 – U21 racers will be awarded national USSA points, please see the USSA Points page under “USSA” for more details.

Please refer to the SARA Championships page for information about qualifying for SARA Championships.

Please refer to the SARA Points page for information about SARA points for state team selection.

A printable version of the original 2016-17 Race Schedule in PDF format is here: Summary Race Schedule

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