2018 SARA Championships

2018 Championships ~ Qualifying and Format
To qualify for Championships, a racer must be a member of SARA and USSA, and have two SARA race starts in the 2017-18 season.

U16 – U21 Championships will be held at Sugar Mountain, NC on February 24 & 25, 2018. There will be two two-run races, slalom on Saturday and giant slalom on Sunday.

U10 – U14 Championships will be held at Wintergreen, VA on March 3 & 4, 2018.  There will be four runs: two slalom runs on Saturday and two giant slalom runs on Sunday.

Details for Championships registration are now available via links to the race announcements on the SARA Race Schedule 2017-18 page.


SARA State Team Points Calculation
U16-U21 racers will use their best three race (two runs) finishes to determine the State Team Champions who are eligible to compete in post-season events.  There will be a total of six races that can be used for State Team selection, four at qualifiers and two at Championships.  State Team selection will be based on total World Cup points earned in those three best race finishes.  Racers must have one race start at Championships and must use at least one of the Champs races for State Team selection.

U16 – U21 Qualifiers will be held in WV (Snowshoe, Feb 3 and 4) and VA (Wintergreen, Feb 10 and 11).

U14 – U10 racers will not earn World Cup Points at regular-season races.  At Championships, racers will earn World Cup points for each run and the points for the racer’s best three of four runs (two slalom on Saturday and two giant slalom on Sunday) will be added together to determine the SARA Champions.

For more information on State Team selection and ranking racers using World Cup points, see SARA Points

4 thoughts on “2018 SARA Championships”

  1. Christine Wallace says:

    My son wants to participate in u10-u14 Championships this year at Snowshoe. Can you please clarify if it is 2 starts overall (1 slalom, 1 gs)? Or does he need 2 starts in both categories to participate in both at Champs? With the Wintergreen race cancelled, we need to know if we should be making arrangements to get him to another race. Thanks!

  2. sara_admin says:

    Two starts overall. Any two SARA race starts (SL or GS, at any SARA race).

  3. Taylor Moehrke says:

    Do you have pictures of 2017 championships? I love to look at them….

  4. sara_admin says:

    We will work to post pictures to the SARA website, but for now, what pictures have been made available to the SARA community are linked at the SARA Facebook page.

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